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    How I Work

    Everyone is Unique: A Case-Specific Approach

    As highly social mammals, most people –with few exceptions—are wired for empathy and altruistic actions, based on our fundamental prosocial motivation. Thus our prosocial nature is almost universal, allowing us to hold families and groups together, across cultures.  This basic human wiring aside, we are each unique – and we bring our unique biological, cultural, and psychosocial history, our particular training, and clinical experience to the story of our work with people.

    A consultation will be tailored to you as everyone needs a “case-specific” approach. This includes working with therapists who are psychoanalytic and those who are cognitive-behavioral in their basic approach.  As a therapist, I use a wide range of techniques. As an evolutionary as well as a social and clinical psychologist, I bring findings from academic psychology to my clients in consultation and in psychotherapy.

    I also bring my history of feminist activism,  my ongoing training in productivity, and a decade of the study of Buddhism and mindfulness training. My approach might be best considered relational and psychodynamic,  while I make use of methods derived from cognitive-behavioral treatment,  humanistic psychology,  and  I support the use of alternative modalities including self-help group treatment, psychopharmacological interventions., and contemplative practices.

    As we discuss your cases and other work problems, we’ll unearth solutions you can put into action right away.

    If you, like so many clinicians and coaches, have been wishing:

    • “To provide community lectures and workshops”
    • “To start a blog for my clients”
    • “To teach a course at my training program”
    • “Get involved in some kind of research”

    I’ll help you discover beliefs that have kept you from forging ahead and I’ll help you make those shifts in mindset as you’re helping those you serve.

    Psychotherapists engaged in consultations may be able to avoid common legal problems. By discussing your cases with a licensed clinician in a confidential setting, you’re ensuring that you approach your work with the utmost care.