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    Consultation and therapy sessions will be held via teletherapy

    Clinical Consultation, Counseling & Coaching

    - Confidential discussions and problem solving
    - Meet for a single-session consultation
    - Ongoing regularly scheduled consultation, following your cases

    Professional Development

    - Start your Blog
    - Get into public speaking
    - Develop a Podcast

    Research & Writing Consultation

    - Resolve research dilemmas
    - Refine your research questions
    - Become a more prolific writer

    Prosocial Women’s Writers’ Workshop

    To Be Announced.

    A 5-Week Online Cohort-based course for becoming a more productive writer.

    The work of a provider is confidential, so we may need someone confidential to talk to, with absolute privacy. Our work is often lonely, as we are the keepers of secrets.

    Consultation is the exception.

    The ethical and legal considerations unique to psychotherapy also apply to consultation. Consultation may include a discussion of your own life issues, helps overcome roadblocks, and clarifies issues.

    This includes problems in transference and counter-transference.

    Decades of experience –clients and 100s of students–add to your knowledge base.

    Most often you already know the solutions –you’ve just needed someone to listen, as you draw from your own experience and training.

    Other Services

    Research Consultation

    Research Consultations will be tailored to your particular needs.

    Couples Therapy

    I see a few couples each year in couples therapy. If you are not in a hurry to begin treatment, please let me know and I will put you on my waiting list.

    Addiction Consultation: Treatment and Planning

    As a specialist in addiction medicine, I meet with individuals and families (as well as mental health providers), to discuss specific addiction-related problems and/or to review treatment options.

    Concierge Psychotherapy & Consultation

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